Torrance, California, USA
A leading supplier of high quality X-ray screening and explosive detection systems.

GST Dubai
one of the worlds leading high tech business specialising in Intelligent Fire Detection and Control Systems, Building Automation Systems, Intelligent Residence Systems, Power Instruments and District Management Systems.

US, Canada, Latin Ameria, Asia Pacific, West Africa
industry-leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of video systems and components used for security, surveillance, safety and control purposes. Celebrating over 40 years in business.

The product range from Bosch Security Systems includes video surveillance systems with state-of-the-art IP-solutions, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems.

USA - Oxford  

UK - Nottingham

the most recognized name in security management products ( Key watcher , Guard tour ).

Mirror Technology Ltd.
Orchard Industrial Estate Toddington
Mirror Technology has thirty years experience in the production of under vehicle search mirrors and associated technologies.

one of the leading gate automation specialists, with 25 years experience in automatic gate technology.

100% private Polish capital-owned company active in designing, production and sale of high-quality electronic alarm system devices. The product range includes control panels, sirens, detectors, monitoring stations, radio controllers and switching mode power supplies

research, development, and manufacturing of security products and systems.

For more than 30 years, Through continuous R&D and innovative product development, the Company has consistently maintained its position as the world's leading manufacturer of quality walk-through metal detectors, with more than 40,000 METORs currently in daily use in a diverse range of applications.